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                Perform Well Yoga TM


Many professional and collegiate teams recognize the value of yoga for athletes.  The physical and mental benefits of yoga are numerous.

*Top 10 ways Yoga can Help Athletes:


  • Injury prevention

  • Increased performance

  • Body awareness

  • Balance

  • Core strength

  • Breathe awareness

  • Mental focus

  • Stress relief

  • Recovery from injury

  • Endurance/longevity


 I teach yoga classes for groups or individuals as a form of "active recovery" and balancing strength with flexibility. Yoga is a wonderful mode of cross training that can be incorporated during any time of the training cycle. I cater classes to the sport/team and teach sequences of poses that focus on particular muscle groups for the purpose of strenghthening, stretching, and overall stability. Yoga is a form of moving meditation and provides an opportunity to practice mindfullness. Yoga for atheltes provides a space to relax, recalibrate and enhance recovery.


*Yoga in Mind: Top 10 Ways Yoga Can Help Athletes. American Athlete Magazine.



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